When to opt for a dental filling?

When your dentist tells you a cavity exists, you really do need a filling to protect the tooth from further decay.

In fact, if left unfilled, a cavity will only get worse and the decay might ultimately lead to bone loss. Fortunately, the tooth-filling procedure is nearly painless thanks to advances in dentistry. So there’s no reason to avoid getting a filling if your dentist recommends it.

What to Expect

One of the first things to expect when getting a filling is a conversation with your dentist about what type of material should be used. There are many more choices of filling material available today than in the past, and your choice may depend on a combination of appearance, cost and function.

Types of Dental Fillings

When you need a dental filling, you have many choices. But since different types of fillings are better for different dental conditions, your dentist will help you decide which type of filling is right for you based on factors including the location and severity of the decay, the cost of the filling, and your insurance coverage.


Fillings made of a tooth-colored composite are popular because the color can be matched to your teeth. Composite fillings are more durable than they once were and are now our preferred choice of filling over Silver Amalgam fillings.


Ceramic fillings are often made of porcelain and are more durable and more expensive than composites.

Glass Ionomers

These glass and acrylic filling last less than five years, but they are often a good choice for children whose teeth are still changing.

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