During the COVID 19 pandemic dentists have done a great job screening patient’s and ensuring the oral health needs of those needing emergency dental treatment have been addressed throughout the crisis.

Now with the AHPPC and the Federal Cabinet giving dentists the green light to scale their level of treatments back to level 1, it opens up a much wider range of treatments dentists can do and means the oral health needs of all our symptom-free, healthy patients can be met.

So, what does Level 1 mean for patients?

Level 1 restrictions basically mean dentists will be systematically and meticulously screening all their patients for signs of coronavirus prior to their visit. That will mean a call from the practice prior to your scheduled visit to check that you are symptom free.

Those without any symptoms should be able to receive any treatment, even those treatments which require the tools that generate aerosols like scaling and cleaning and drilling.So only patients with symptoms of the illness will not be able to be treated, including those with even the mildest of symptoms such as a light cold.

We’re expecting this level of screening of patients to go on for many months to come.

Patients should be reassured that dental practices are as safe as they have always been and it’s perfectly safe to return to your dental practice – dentists and allied health professionals are used to operating with the highest levels of infection control – that’s how they work normally anyway.

That means that when you walk into their treatment room, you’ll see they and their dental assistant are wearing the full array of disposable gear including mask, gloves and gown as well as their surgical glasses.

You can rest assured also that only people showing no signs of the virus will have been in the seat before and after you and that all staff at the practice are all also well.

So if you’ve been putting off seeing your dentist due to the restrictions, or if you were worried about proximity to another person during the pandemic, rest assured your dental practice is a safe, super clean place to get all your oral health needs met.

So whether it’s the family’s regular check-ups you need to schedule, or the niggly issue you want resolved or the root canal work that needs completing, we’re here ready for you.

Our doors are open and we’re looking forward to welcoming you all back.